Subject A Obliterates

A Little 24 hr Autism In The Night...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

While the city slept the rest of us crammed into the windowspace and laughed amongst ourselves as Paul grappled with the death mask. Audrey calculated that he had three more minutes to live and, while some of understood just how stupid she could be (think of her behaviour on Page 43, with the warts and, later, with Andrew's eyes),she seemed to have no reason to lie.

We set our watches and swapped Swiss anecdotes.

Paul was getting more frantic now and you could tell from his odd arm movements that he was on the brink of giving up, a that Andrew laughably called "learned helplessness".

The mask wouldn't ever move, I think we all knew that.

"We should go and help I know it but... it's just so compulsive..."

An artery-thin jet of blood squeezed from underneath the mask and arced across the table.


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